1.3 - 2008/06/17:
  • Fixed padding issue with negative timezone offsets in r reported and fixed by Mikko <>
  • Added support for P
  • Internationalised r, p and P
1.2 - 2008/04/27:
  • Fixed support for c (previously it just returned toLocaleString())
  • Add support for c, x and X
  • Add locales for en-GB, en-US and en-AU
  • Make en-GB the default locale (previous was en)
  • Added more localisation docs
1.1 - 2008/04/27:
  • Fix bug in xPad which wasn't padding more than a single digit
  • Fix bug in j which had an off by one error for days after March 10th because of daylight savings
  • Add support for g, G, U, V and W
1.0 - 2008/04/22:
  • Initial release with support for a, A, b, B, c, C, d, D, e, H, I, j, m, M, p, r, R, S, t, T, u, w, y, Y, z, Z, and %

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