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IPv6 plugin API

Note: The IPv6 plugin hasn't been tested. Your help in testing it is appreciated.

The IPv6 plugin measures various IPv6 related metrics. It is encapsulated within the BOOMR.plugins.IPv6 namespace. This plugin tries to do a few things:

This plugin needs a server that has an IPv6 address, and a DNS name to point to it. Additionally, the server needs to be configured to serve content requested from the IPv6 address and should not require a virtual host name. This means that you probably cannot use shared hosting that puts multiple hosts on the same IP address.


All configuration parameters are within the IPv6 namespace.

An image URL referenced by its IPv6 address, eg, http://fe80::1/image-i.png. If not specified, the test will abort.
[recommended] An image URL on an IPv6 only host referenced by its DNS hostname. The hostname should not resolve to an IPv4 address. If not specified, the host test will be skipped.
[optional] The time, in milliseconds, that boomerang should wait for a network response before giving up and assuming that the request failed. The default is 1200ms.



Called by the BOOMR.init() method to configure the DNS plugin. See the Configuration section for details.

		IPv6: {                                                         
		            ipv6_url: "http://fe80::1/images/image-i.png"       
		            host_url: ""


a reference to the BOOMR.plugins.IPv6 object, so you can chain methods.


The IPv6 test will not run if a ipv6_url is not configured.


Called by BOOMR.sendBeacon() to determine if the IPv6 plugin has finished what it's doing or not.


Beacon Parameters

This plugin adds two parameters to the beacon, both prefixed with ipv6_:

Latency in milliseconds of getting data from an ipv6 host when connecting to the IP. Will be set to NA if the client cannot connect to the ipv6 host.
Latency of getting data from a hostname that resolves to an ipv6 address. Will be set to NA if the client cannot resolve or connect to the ipv6 host.