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DNS latency plugin API

Note: The DNS plugin hasn't been tested. Your help in testing it is appreciated.

The DNS plugin measures the latency of DNS lookups from the user's browser to your server. The DNS API is encapsulated within the BOOMR.plugins.DNS namespace.

Note that the DNS plugin requires some amount of server-side set up. See Howto #8 for details on how to set this up.



Called by the BOOMR.init() method to configure the DNS plugin. There is only one configurable option:

[required] The base_url parameter tells the DNS plugin where it can find its DNS testing images. This URL must contain a wildcard character which will be replaced with a random string. The images will be appended to this string without any other modification. If you have any pages served over HTTPS, then this URL should be configured to work over HTTPS as well as HTTP. The protocol part of the URL will be automatically changed to fit the current document.
		DNS: {                                                  
		            base_url: "http://*"   

In the above code, * will be replaced with a random string.


a reference to the BOOMR.plugins.DNS object, so you can chain methods.


The DNS test will not run if a base_url is not configured.


Called by BOOMR.sendBeacon() to determine if the DNS plugin has finished what it's doing or not.


Beacon Parameters

This plugin adds the following parameter to the beacon:

The worst-case DNS latency from the user's browser to your DNS server.