Sometimes blues hacks

[philiptellis] I've been a programmer almost all my life. My code is scattered all over the place. Some of it is linked from here.

Featured hack: lifebook

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Inked In


  • strftime.js Detailed explanation about strftime.js
    Javascript implementation of strftime.
  • footsteppr
    Find travel co-incidences through geo-tagged flickr photos.
  • Detailed explanation about
    Fetch favicons for all feeds that go into a planet.
  • mkdrag.js Detailed explanation about mkdrag.js
    Script to make all divs on a page draggable.

Opensource stuff

  • Ayttm
    A unified instant messenger client.
  • libyahoo2
    C library for the Yahoo! Messenger protocol.
    Java port of the HTML::Template perl library.
  • httptype
    Figure out the web server running on a host or list of hosts.
  • tictactoe
    An implementation of the simple game that uses current board analysis rather than a lookahead tree to determine the best move.